Kukkula Wines
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Kukkula vaalea nv


Our only white blend, the name is Finnish and means light, fair, bright, or blond”.

This blend con­sists of grenache blanc, rous­sanne, and viognier.

2019 vaalea

Technical Details

  • Vintage 2019
  • PH 3.55
  • TA .70
  • Alcohol 13.9%
  • Production 201 cases

We look to pick our white vari­etals ear­ly. We fer­ment slow­ly up to two months in steel tanks. The vari­etals are blend­ed togeth­er right after they have been har­vest­ed and pressed. The blend is stopped before mal­o­lac­tic fer­men­ta­tion, and is fined and fil­tered before bottling.